The Cotswolds amazing artisans.

What makes an artisan?

It’s a word we see all the time. It suggests quality, creative and hand made. However so many take this word and use it without much consideration. Without much truth!

We at Cotswold Made Co. take this word very seriously.

To us, its all about the passion and that its small batches of high quality made by individuals - not mass made in any way. All bespoke, all cared for and all tested for happiness! Where ingredients are the best possible and the process has some heritage to it.

Artisans are vital to pushing the creative boundaries of food and taste. Without them the world of food would suffer greatly.

We work with local artisans who create some fabulous foods. Be it jams, chutneys, pickles, cheeses. Even our meats come from very small farms so the welfare is second to none. This in turn makes for happy livestock which makes a huge difference to the taste. 

When purchasing from our store, take a second to think about these producers. 

These people are not ‘big business’. They are mostly husband and wife teams. People who put their souls into the food they create. Food that they feed their families with. Food that goes from their kitchen to yours.  Its small scale and high quality. There is no place to hide for them. They are directly answerable to their communities - and now you.

Firstly the ingredients are mostly local. The Cotswolds has a unique climate and environment that produces some very special tasting foods. Then it's the volume. If a producer makes the products by a any automation like a mass market brand we simply walk away. We truly believe the connection needs to be there in order for someone to take real responsibility for the taste produced. 

Our producers make everything by hand. Everything in a traditional way but injecting a contemporary twist that challenges our taste buds in a way that truly delights. 

Cotswold Made Co, will endeavour to bring you truly artisan made produce. So please keep visiting us as we extend the loving made foods brought to your homes.

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